About Us

In an increasing world of online commerce, many people can sell things, but how many people live and breathe the things they sell? At Speedshop Malta, we are one of those – nothing we sell isn’t something we’d use ourselves.

Our journey started in a large shed in Newquay, Cornwall where a team of people led by our founder entered the drag racing world through our own creation – the Monster Leon.

We transformed a humble Seat Leon into a fire-spitting, NOS-thirsty monster with the intention of tearing up drag strips across the UK and Europe and for that, we needed the right wheels and components for the right occasion.

Our adventures in Malta resulted in it not only becoming the home for the next stage in our venture into the world of motorsport but our home too, leading to the birth of Speedshop Malta.

32 Racing Wheels - Speedstar

Made by racers, for racers

Central to everything we do at Speedshop Malta is our very own, exclusively designed and manufactured racing wheels – the 32 Racing Wheels range.

We wanted to create a brand of racing wheels that were stylish, affordable but most of all – capable of helping you deliver peak performance on both track and road.

While it wasn’t the case that we thought other products weren’t good enough, but simply that we felt using our own experiences as racers, we could design something better that ticks all the boxes of what we believe in – that stylish, quality products shouldn’t have to cost a fortune.

Alongside our ever-expanding ranges of 32 Racing Wheels, with more to come in 2022 based on what our customers have requested for their own racing wheels, we also stock products from other premier brands including VMS Racing with more to come in the future.

Our promise to you

We know why you’re here and that your vehicle is important to you. Right at the heart of everything we do is the racing communities we not only seek to serve but are also part of ourselves. In the same way that you wouldn’t shortchange a friend, the same principle applies to how we see you.

Here at Speedshop Malta, we aren’t a faceless corporate hiding behind confusing call centres or automated replies. When you talk to us, you’ll get to speak to our founder himself and we’ll always do everything we can to help you with whatever it is you need or want.

We are driven by the same passions as you when it comes to motorsports and we get far more satisfaction from seeing our products on your vehicle than we do from being a fat cat with a large bank balance.

Welcome to the world of Speedshop Malta – it’s great to have you here.