Refund Policy/Frequently Asked Questions


All enquiries to Speedshop Malta can be made using our secure online form, accessible here.

32 Racing Wheels and VMS by Speedshop are brand styles of Speedshop Malta. This website is operated by and on behalf of Speedshop Malta, an entity based in Gozo, Malta and our terms of business are subject to both Maltese law and the European Union. All usage and terms related to this website are the responsibility of Speedshop Malta, referred henceforth by the styles ‘Speedshop Malta’, ‘Us’ or ‘We’.

Please Note: Speedshop Malta operates in a number of racing communities, which may encourage customers to contact us via direct messages on social media and/or by personal methods, such as in-person at racing events. We ask that any enquiries related to purchases made using our website are sent using online using the contact form above. We cannot guarantee a response outside of this method, which allows us to access relevant information related to your order in the most time-efficient manner.


We currently operate a flat-rate shipping system across Europe, which includes countries in the European Union, and the European Economic Area. This excludes Malta, where we operate our own free courier system of delivery in addition to collection, where applicable, and the United Kingdom where an additional rate may be due because of additional taxes applied.

We will aim to update you on the progress of your consignment’s delivery after we have processed your order.

We do not currently offer shipping outside of the European Union by default, however, this may be done separately by making contact with us. Please contact us prior to placing an order if you are located outside of the European Union as our ability to deliver outside of Europe is not guaranteed. The price advertised for products is exclusive of shipping or delivery. For orders processed for areas in Europe, the total price you pay will include our flat-rate delivery price whereas outside of this, it will not.

Deliveries to the United Kingdom may be delayed due to the impact of its departure from the European Union (known as Brexit), however, we will always endeavour to mitigate that and communicate with you where there might be an issue.

Delivery insurance on your consignment is not offered as standard, however, this can be arranged if required for an additional cost if contact is made before the product is shipped.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of the products sold on our website, including the requirement of third-party installation or modification after-sale, Speedshop Malta does not offer refunds for products unless they are defective due to a manufacturing or packaging fault which is our responsibility, including the dispatch of a product that is different to the one ordered using our website.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the product you are ordering is compatible with your vehicle or requirements. Speedshop Malta will not offer a refund for incorrectly purchased products after it has been shipped, however, if you have made an error during the purchasing process, contact us as soon as you can and it may be possible to exchange the product to a more suitable one before shipping (within 24-48 hours).

Where a product is defective upon arrival, for reasons which are not related to the courier process but rather due to a manufacturing defect within the product, we may offer an exchange or refund, where appropriate, upon the return of the defective product, the cost of which is to be met initially by the purchaser. It is advisable, where this is the case to make contact with us and provide photographic evidence of the defect prior to returning the product.

Speedshop Malta will not offer refunds or exchanges for any products where the purchaser has ‘changed their mind’ after the order process has been completed. No warranty is offered on the products sold unless explicitly stated.

Our Use of your data

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